A Collection Of Clips Of Elon Musk’s Flamethrower

With all 20,000 of The Boring Company’s flamethrowers now sold, our friend Erik compiled a collection of all the clips he could find where people are using the ‘weapon’ on his YouTube channel. I put that in connotation marks because it’s about as dangerous as a torch you can buy at your local hardware store to kill weeds.


For those of you who have bought one, or for those who are just interested in how it works and want to know more, here’s the video:

It all started from the Space Balls reference, but as soon as Elon leaked these videos on his Instagram, all hell broke loose! One video shows Elon himself wielding the flamethrower running towards the cameraman. Another shows two employees of The Boring Company testing theirs in front of the company’s logo, and we even get to see Elon’s mum, brother, and sister in-law trying out the new product.

I mean.. what’s next? A snowthrower??



You can learn more about the flamethrower by clicking here.

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