Tesla Autopilot Trick Lets You Use It With No Hands

The Tesla Autopilot feature has been a legal nightmare for the company, and now the legalities around the feature are incredibly stringent. This has resulted in drivers having to keep applying pressure to the wheel even when in Autopilot mode. There is however a way around this. See the video below:

So yes, this video does show you how to trick the system, but should we be doing these things?

We’ve been entrusted with something that, really, shouldn’t be allowed at the moment. Cars that can drive themselves don’t fit into modern society. Not completely, and not yet anyway. We need to make sure we’re doing our best to be responsible with this technology so we can move forward with it. If we don’t abide by the rules and end up tricking the system, then this feature could be taken away form us, and the laws on self driving cars could be altered further.

Just food for thought.

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