Tesla Model S Plaid Battery Deep Dive: What You Need To Know

The Tesla Model S Plaid battery pack, which was opened and explained by Ingenierix, is extremely fascinating as seen in the video they have recently released.

We’ve just seen a picture of the bundle, but now we may examine the battery, power electronics, and connections in greater detail.


The battery is made up of 7,920 lithium-ion 1865-type cylindrical cells, which are stacked in five modules (1,584 cells each – 22S72P). The overall capacity is about 99 kWh.

The modules’ design is reminiscent of the Tesla Model 3/Model Y battery, with Ingenieerix noting that the BMS is also identical.

The new battery is considerably different from the old one, which included up to 16 modules and was planned to be used at battery swap stations. We’re guessing that the new model is less expensive and performs better (has more power output and charging capacity).

In a nutshell, the Tesla Model S Plaid battery consists of Panasonic’s 18650 lithium-ion cylindrical cells, which are contained in 5 modules (1,584 cells in all) with 22S72P inside. The capacity is about 99 kWh and the usable capacity is probably around 95 kWh. System voltage was 450V (suggestive value).

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