A Tesla Owners Dating App Is Coming… Kinda

A Tesla owners only dating app is coming to shake up the online dating world, according to This app for like-minded Tesla lovers will work like most other dating apps, but you’ll know for sure that your partner will always have CEO Elon Musk at the back of their minds. Because… haven’t we all?

The app is currently only in the early access phase, but promises “an exclusive community of like-minded Elon stans. You know, the kind of people that really understand you”.

From the images on the website, it looks very similar to the likes of Tinder where you can swipe left or right and ‘match’ with fellow Tesla lovers. However, along with the usual information such as your name, age, and a sentence or two of accompanying information, it also shows you what car they own.

“I saw a pattern where people who bought into Tesla really embraced it, to the point where being a Tesla owner became a big part of their identity,” Tesla Dating founder Ajitpal Grewal told The Next Web. “They share a lot of the same values, like wanting to reduce their impact on the environment and appreciating high tech — and, of course, stanning Elon Musk.”

Of course, before you get access to the app you must, somehow, prove your ownership of a Tesla.

Now, unfortunately, you may have realised this is too brilliant to be true, and I must admit… it is satire. The website is real, however the app isn’t. But if you’re a little disappointed, don’t fret, because if enough people sign up on their mailing list they might actually decide to launch the app. This, to me, is genius.

So if you fancy an app that will make sparks fly with local Tesla owners, head over to the website linked above and scribble down your email address.

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