All Gas Stations In Germany Are Getting EV Chargers

We wrote the other day about a new German plan to increase incentives and subsidies for electric vehicles. While doubling the financial incentives around the purchase of eco-friendly cars, the government also looked to increase gas-taxes in the upcoming year.

As many detractors will point out, the charging infrastructure isn’t quite there in most countries to support wide EV adoption. A new plan to make every single gas station in the country provide EV charging, may change that.

Tesla’s Superchargers are still trying to meet their long overdue goal of 18,000 global installations, and Germany only has 28,000 charging stations total.

While most of Germany’s chargers aren’t fast charging, they project a need of 7,000 fast chargers. That would be only 10% of the 70,000 charging stations Angela Merkel  wants to see in the country in 2019.

Overall, the German Chancellor envisions a country with a million charging ports by the end of the decade. This gas station initiative may usher in that future.

On the other hand, Tesla and Rivian both show disinterest in charger locations that resemble traditional refill spots. The idea of sitting idle while you car charges is seen as less desirable than charging in the parking lot of some hotel, restaurant, or national park.

I tend to agree with that sentiment, but would never argue against more chargers. A Germany covered in electric ports would be a true example for the rest of the world, and I wish them the best of luck.


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