Apple Car To Take On Tesla With Full Self-Driving Capabilities

According to individuals reportedly acquainted with the situation, the first version of the Apple automobile may feature a full self-driving capability.

According to a trusted Apple source, the new head of Project Titan, Kevin Lynch, is attempting to get the Apple car out with a full self-driving system. Apple was straddling the fence between releasing a vehicle with limited self-driving capabilities and a completely autonomous version in which no human involvement was necessary before Lynch took charge.

Lynch is currently the head of the Apple Watch software team. In September, after Doug Field left to work for Ford Motor Company, he became the Project Titan director in charge of all things Apple Car related.

The Tesla Model 3, General Motors’ upcoming Super Cruise system, and Waymo’s planned 2021 launch of its own fully driverless car are all examples of companies aiming to bring fully autonomous vehicles to market. If the Apple Car is released with a complete self-driving capability, it will compete directly with Tesla, Waymo , and other firms striving for the same goal. Other automobile manufacturers appear to be more interested in developing driver assist technology than full autonomy, such as Ford’s BlueCruise or GM’s Super Cruise.

Tesla has made significant advances with its Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD) suite over the last several years. Tesla has made the most progress in recent years with FSD, resulting in the availability of the FSD Beta button earlier this year. Tesla is getting closer to full autonomy with each over-the-air update, which Apple is targeting for its first automobile.

Tesla has been subjected to a level of criticism — unprecedented for an autonomous vehicle software developer — that has been vocal and harsh. The NHTSA, which is notorious for mixing up Autopilot with Tesla’s FSD Beta program, is most known for being critical. It’d be fascinating to see how the general public and regulatory authorities would receive an Apple Car that can drive itself without supervision.

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