Boring Company Flamethrower Confiscated During Massachusetts Man’s Arrest

Springfield Mass. officers working on an anti-drag racing detail made one interesting arrest over the weekend.

As they were cruising around East Columbus Avenue in the early hours of the morning, they saw a car with a guy recording something on his phone while hanging out of the sunroof.



When they went to pull the car over, they found a few guys inside, one with an outstanding warrant for a stolen vehicle. Furthermore, the vehicle had an expired inspection sticker, which got a citation.

The big tickets come when the officers spotted what they thought was a rifle sticking out from the back seat. Well, it wasn’t a rifle, it was the Boring Company Flamethrower.

…As officers approached, they observed what appeared to be a grip of a rifle under the front passenger seat,” Walsh explained, adding that one of the passengers, identified as 33-year-old Brandon McGee of Springfield, allegedly told police it was a flamethrower and it belonged to him.

If only the man who owned it stressed, like how Elon Musk did, that it was “not a flamethrower

Instead, he owned up to it, and the police slapped him with more charges: “Carrying a dangerous weapon with an active warrant” and “possession of an infernal machine.”

The toy, which was sold in a limited batch of 20,000 for $500 dollars each, helped raise a substantial amount of money in the infancy of Musk’s tunneling company. This probably isn’t the first, or last, time it will be described as an infernal machine.

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