Bosch Shows Off Sleek Electric Bike Concept

You may not know about the electric bike components sold by Bosch, the maker of power tools and other hardware, but that doesn’t mean the company hasn’t been working on very cool products for us to drool over. Their newest concept, the eBike Design Vision, shows where they intend to take the bike branch of the company.

For a 10 years now, Bosch has made electric motors that you could fit onto bikes, as well as a whole line of completed eBikes. The Design Vision falls into the latter group, a whole sleek carbon chassis with built in battery and motor, which even hides the brake lines and buttons.

Bosch is calling the design an urban sports cruiser, which would be suited for weekday commute and weekend play. Except this commuter has a nifty on-board computer, called the Nyon, which Bosch will release later as a production model.

The battery, normally situated in the downtube, can be fully removed for charging. Also integrated into the frame are a series of clever cooling channels, to prevent thermal issues. Also built in is an ABS system, which keeps the bike from flipping head over heels.

The ABS detects the brake pressure and activates when you really aggressively try to stop. The sensors can tell if the front will lock up, and responds accordingly.

On top of all the tech, the Design Vision has a luggage rack, with an LED light as well.

Even though this won’t come to production, it isn’t that different from Bosch’s current run. It’s also nice to see the Nyon and brake tech will be coming in the near future.


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