Citroen e-Spacetourer Is An Electric 9-Seat Minivan

Some of you are trying to fit a whole family into a Model 3, and while that’s totally fine, wouldn’t you love a quirky minivan or bus that runs off electricity? Of course you would! Well fortunate for you, Citroen has unveiled their new e-Spactourer minivan.

For those of us who don’t live in Europe, the Spacetourer is a minibus that Citroen has been making with all sorts of diesel engines. Now, they’ve decided to push the model even further, by making the nine-seat people mover with a 134 horsepower electric motor that gets 194 lb-ft of torque.

The minivan will have Eco, Normal, and Power modes, which will adjust its max horsepower and internal power usage. For each mode you will have access to 80, 107, and 134 horsepower respectively.

It will have a 50 kWh battery pack, which when combined with that motor, will get around 143 miles of range on Eco. While that’s not the highest range out there, it’s a very reasonable amount for a soccer-mom vehicle.

Citroen is selling the e-Spacetourer with a Type 2 home charger that will fill it up in a few hours. They also allow you to but a home wall charging unit that outputs 7.4 kW, and the vehicle can make use of Type 3 charging as well. With that said, you could charge at fast-chargers in under an hour, or 80% in 30 minutes.

If you’re in the UK, sensible, and interested, Citroen says the e-Spacetourer will go on sale by the end of the year, and cost upwards of £40,000. Just in time for that rumoured £6,000 scrappage scheme.

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