Citroen’s Electric C4 Could Move the Brand to %20 EV Sales

The topic of percentage of EV sales to ICE-cars can bring up a lot of wild speculation. Some think %2 of sales over the last couple of years will remain somewhat constant in the future, others believe this is the beginning of a drastic takeover.

Fortunately, Citroen has shown off their new all-electric C4 crossover. The PSA brand’s Chief, Vincent Cobee,  has said that he believes %20 EV sales are right around the corner.

Citroen unveiled their new e-C4 yesterday, with a presumably reasonable price, 217 miles of range, a 0-100 km/h speed of 9.7 seconds, and a 93 mph top speed. Of all the new C4s, the electric is the most powerful, with 134 horsepower and 260 Nm of torque.

The all-electric C4 sits very squarely in the economy class of EVs, but has huge potential to move volume, at least Citroen thinks so.

The last few months have been transformative. We have to now expect that the unexpected might happen. I think we’d hope to start at eight to 10% of sales but I wouldn’t be surprised if we move towards 20% very, very rapidly.

Cobee says that Citroen has been keeping with regulations, and selling about %6 electric vehicles. With this new extremely practical crossover coming, it should make a perfect storm of accessibility and incentive, as many European nations are making massive recovery efforts targeting EV adoption.

The e-C4 will be noticeably larger than the current Cactus C4, but small enough for city life. It’s coming with all the modern amenities one would want, like driving assist, smart screens, and sensors galore. On top of that, it’ll feature a 380-liter trunk, and comfortable interior.

While the 50 Kwh battery might now blow anyone away, and performance isn’t extreme, the e-C4 will fast charge to %80 in about 30 minutes. It will also have over 31 exterior color combinations possible.

This may just be one of Europe’s most affordable and reasonable little cars, at a time where people would be silly to not buy a practical little EV. If that make’s Citroen’s sales jump to %20 electric, how could anyone be surprised?

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