Classic Mini Undergoes 300HP Tesla EV Conversion

As fun as it is to see the latest electric vehicle releases, it is sometimes even more fascinating to see how older, classic cars can be converted to EVs.

Surprisingly, even though you remove the internal combustion engine, the EV conversions often turn out heavier than they originally were. This is because you replace it with a battery back which is heavier than the original engine. The battery pack also affects handling, efficiency and braking.

EV conversions of older vehicles that used to run on fuel often make the finished vehicle quite a bit heavier than it initially was, this in spite of the fact that you remove the heavy internal combustion engine. You replace it with an even heavier battery pack that that really does weigh it down, which often negatively affects performance, braking, performance and efficiency.

What if you didn’t need a large battery because your vehicle was little and it could still be driven with fewer kilowatt hours? This iconic 1967 Mini, which originally had an 850 cc engine with under 40 horsepower, now has a Tesla motor and 300 horsepower but weighs 88 pounds (40 kg) more.

The car uses a lithium-ion battery pack with an energy storage capacity of 33 kWh, which is just enough for a vehicle this tiny and light (it weighs about 1,500 pounds / 700 km). This means the engine has a power-to-weight ratio of around 430 horsepower/ton.

Classic Mini’s have always been fun and nippy to drive, and according to Petrol Ped, it does not disappoint.

This EV conversion has clearly been a success by being a huge amount faster than the original without losing any of the classic charm. It even has a range of roughly 150 miles, making it a great option for a daily driver.

Which classic car would you choose to convert?

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