Dacia Reveals New EV Off-Roader That Even Greta Thunberg Would Drive

The latest concept car from Dacia is far from their usual. This EV off-roader concept looks like it has come straight from Mad Max.

The Dacia Manifesto is supposedly the brands opportunity to experiment on design, sustainability, and functionality. The angular design has flat body panels with sharp-looking edges. There are no doors, windows or windscreen and there is not much of interior as the outside blends into the inside easily. The vehicle also has airless tyres and a square front light bar.

– Dacia Press Image

An off-roader, if used properly, is going to get incredibly messy so Dacia have made the Manifesto so it can be hosed down inside and out. The seat padding are actually sleeping bags so the driver can pull them out and enjoy a night under the stars. They have even gone a step further and made the front headlight double up as a portable flashlight as it can be taken out of the car.

Dacia have replaced many of the interior parts that would traditionally be leather, aluminium, chrome, or plastic, with cork. The whole of the body has been made out of recycled plastic and the airless tyres should last longer than conventional tyres as there is no risk of punctures.

– Dacia Press Image

The sad part is that the Manifesto is very unlikely to come to production, however, it does show a hopeful insight into the future of Dacia, and Renault, embracing sustainable materials. We will keep our fingers crossed for a production version of this though, as that would be insane.

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