DeLorean Makes All-Electric Comeback

It appears that the early plans might become real for the previously reported DeLorean DMC 12, with the firm with legal rights to the DeLorean name planning to debut an all-electric DeLorean DMC car in 2021.

As we know, the original DeLorean Motor Company is not around anymore but there is a separate company of the same name. According to reports, the rights to the DeLorean name were bought by former British engineer Stephen Wynne in 1995. The “new” DeLorean firm is a global leader in supplying DeLorean components and repairs.

In 1997, Wynne began developing plans to reintroduce the DeLorean DMC in small quantities, but its original engine was no longer available. It was believed at the time that perhaps the future DeLorean DMC would be electric.

The modernized, fully electric DMC was recently teased by DeLorean Motor Company in a tweet.

There isn’t much information presently, all we know so far is that it will be an electric luxury sports vehicle.

Italdesign posted a teaser image that is similar to the vehicle in the recent video above. Italdesign is said to be working with DeLorean Motor Company on an electric automobile.

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