Drunk Tesla Driver Passes Out – Claims He Was On Autopilot

The whole point of Tesla Autopilot is so you can rest your mind while on the motorway or in traffic. Not completely of course – you still need to be in a position to intervene at any moment in case an emergency arises.

This means all road laws still have to be followed. You can’t be, let’s say, watching a DVD while on autopilot, you can’t be on your phone, and you can’t be drunk. You definitely can’t be drunk.

At Bay Bridge last Saturday evening, a man was arrested on suspicion of drink driving, even though he had the Tesla in Autopilot. Passers by saw the man passed out behind the wheel of his Tesla at 5:30pm while stuck in traffic and briskly called the police. They were there within minutes to apprehend the driver.

“It’s pretty quick that we get those calls. We always have units patrolling the bridge.” Officer Vu Williams of the San Francisco CHP tells SFGATE.

It turned out the driver had a blood alcohol level of twice the legal limit and was arrested on suspicion of  a DUI. And even though the car was in Autopilot mode, as stated before, you need to be in a fit state to drive at all times.

So folks, stay safe, and please drive sober!

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