Electric Scooter Racing Championship Coming 2021

You’ve probably been on a public electric scooter, if they weren’t regulated into oblivion in your area. The little toys can go around 30 mph, and are software limited in their top speed by companies like Lyft and Bird.

Well, if you’ve ever ridden on a privately owned electric scooter, you know they can actually go a lot faster. In fact, 60 mph top speeds would be fast enough to make a racing league interesting to watch.

The Electric Scooter Championship, or eSC, is being launched by eSkootr Championship in 2021. They are going to be hosting events all around the world, “in some of the world’s most cosmopolitan and progressive cities.”

The eSC will have professional teams, who will be racing a purpose built scooter, which they say will be made by an industry leader. The promotion materials feature Tron looking racers, that have futuristic glowing lights all over them. The prototypes will supposedly be delivered later this year.


Organizers for the league stress that the affordability of the scooters will make this kind of racing accessible to the masses. That definitely would be true, since a scooter would not only cost far less than a motorcycle or car, but be easy to ship to events.

Ideally, the league will recruit from racers that have experience with other kinds of competition experience. For instance, the first few events could be made up of former skaters, motorcycle racers, and cyclists. Personally, I would like to see some Zoomer competitive vapers take to the scooters.

Either way guys, this is a cool new frontier. Stay tuned for updates, and get your practice started early if you intend on competing!

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