Elon Musk Asked To Ban Red Bull From Twitter After Controversial Tweet

Elon Musk has been asked by angry Formula 1 fans to ban Red Bull from Twitter after they posted a controversial tweet.

Red Bull posted a photo of the moment their driver Max Verstappen overtook Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton at the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix ahead of the same race this weekend. Red Bull have previously made comments about how the toxicity needs to be removed from social media.

What has angered fans is that this moment was incredibly controversial. To summarise what happened, Hamilton was running in first with Verstappen behind in second. They were driving under a safety car in the latter stages of the race and usually all lapped cars would un-lap themselves before the race gets going again, however, there was not enough time before the race would end to un-lap all of the cars so the race director at the time, Michael Masi, only instructed the lapped cars between Hamilton and Verstappen to un-lap themselves. Verstappen then had the opportunity to overtake Hamilton as he was on newer tyres, and thus took the championship win.

Many argue that in theory, if there was not time for all of the lapped cars to un-lap themselves then they should have finished the race under the safety car which would have given Hamilton the championship win.

One fan in particular, @DaveLewin, wrote on Twitter calling for owner Elon Musk to step in and ban the team:

“Hi @elonmusk. red bull racing are always moaning about toxicity towards them and their families. They have just posted this picture which I believe goes against your “encouraging others to harras policy.” Could you disable their account forever please.”

Another angered fan, @Ms_Kellzz, wrote:

“Babes @elonmusk you can deactivate @redbullracing only cause they are being toxic & chill with us. Ps I have Biltong I can trade for this request”

Another fan went a step further and asked Musk to go ahead and just buy Formula 1, after he bought the social media platform. They wrote:

“Call out @redbullracing @Max33Verstappen for inciting “hatred” against and abuse against @LewisHamilton and his fans, whilst your at it can @elonmusk buy F1 too, then disallow RBR from competing next season so Lewis can win his 8th WDC”

On the other hand, another Twitter user came to Red Bull’s defence asking for Elon Musk to consider managing the hate towards Max Verstappen and shared a similar photo that Mercedes had uploaded earlier this year.

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