Elon Musk Hints At 500-Mile Tesla Semi Shipping Date

The Tesla Semi has been spotted recently, but it seems the release is coming up sooner than we thought. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, revealed that the first deliveries of the 500-mile version of the Tesla Semi will be this year.

Musk took to Twitter to post the update. He wrote:

“Tesla 500 mile range Semi Truck starts shipping this year, Cybertruck next year,”

This news will be welcomed with open arms as some reservation holders have been waiting since the Semi was announced in 2017. Larger companies such as PepsiCo have previously stated that they expected to receive their fleet back at the end of 2021.

A number of Tesla Semi units have been seen recently around the PepsiCo’s facility in Modesto, California, where there has also been installations of numerous Tesla Semi Megachargers.

The Tesla Semi is set to have a 0-62 mph time of 20 seconds and have four independent motors on the rear axles. It is expected to be from $169,500 (£140,000) for the 500-mile range. As per the trends of how other Tesla’s have been released, we are expected to see the 500-mile range model released first, followed by the 300-mile model.

Although this announcement will no doubt get people excited, we have seen so many delays with Tesla’s recently that some a still sceptical of the latest dates. There have also been delays with the deliveries of the Tesla Cybertruck, which is now due to be have deliveries start around the middle of 2023. Let’s hope the dates are correct this time!

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