Elon Musk Loses Confidence In Tesla Semi Production After Recent Tweet

Elon Musk has thrown doubt at those who are following Tesla on its journey to put Tesla Semi on the road after one tweet questioned the company’s cell and electric truck production capacity. This comes as no surprise with Tesla pushing back the release of the Semi multiple times already. However, with the all-electric truck looking closer to production with the marque releasing videos of it on its test track, we here at TR hoped we were a little closer than we actually are.

Tesla has previously inferred that the Semi would start production by the end of this year, but despite PepsiCo releasing a statement that they are expecting 15 trucks by the end of the year for its fleet, a recent tweet from Musk puts this into question.

“We are too cell-constrained right now, but probably ok next year,” he wrote.

It’s fairly obvious that Musk isn’t feeling overly confident about the Semi, but it’s still possible that we might be seeing a few on the road by the end of this year, especially with the Fremont Factory producing the new 4680 cell, albeit in small quantities.

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