Elon Musk Puts Brakes On Release Of Tesla FSD 10.69 Update Day Before Launch

Earlier this week Elon Musk confirmed that the next update for the Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta software (10.69) is due to be released on 20th August. However, he has announced on Twitter that although it is still coming out tomorrow, Tesla is slowing down the rollout due to “many major code changes.”

The FSD Beta system has been out for some time, being tested by many selected owners. The software allows the Tesla vehicle to drive autonomously, however this must be done with owner supervision and the owner must also be ready to intervene if necessary.

Now, it is reported that the latest 10.69 update will only be released to approximately 1,000 of these users. The previous update, named 10.12, came out in May and usually with each update, Tesla add more drivers to it.

Twitter user, @teslaownersSV, asked Musk:

“Is there a specific time 10.69 fsd beta is dropping ? 4:20pm?”

Musk responded explaining:

“There are many major code changes, so this will be an extra cautious rollout. Releasing on 8/20 to ~1000 Tesla owners, then 10.69.1 next week to accommodate feedback & release to ~10k customers, then 10.69.2 week after & release to rest of FSD Beta.”

Going off of the release notes for the latest update, it is believed to include improvements of animal detection, speed limits and left turns.

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