Elon Musk Reveals Tesla ‘Robo Van’ With Hopes To “Address People With Disability”

Despite the second-generation Tesla Roadster being pushed back to a 2023 release, Elon Musk has dropped yet another bomb, revealing the idea of a ‘Robo Van’ that will be built around the idea of helping people with disabilities.

This news came from an all-hands meeting, where CEO Elon Musk reportedly referenced the idea. Apparently, not only will it be able to transport large numbers of people, but Musk will ensure that it addresses the various needs of disabled people. We expect this to mean that it will be easier for people to get in and out of, as well as drive itself autonomously.

This could result in the vehicle having some sort of air suspension feature, similar to the Cybertruck, or even some form of a ramp that will enable people with wheelchairs to access it. On top of this, if the electric car company is to create a vehicle large enough to be classed as a van, this could well be soaked up by the building industry, etc, opening Tesla to even more of the market.

If this van is anything like the people carrier concept that was designed for use by The Boring Company, then it will be a low sided, almost entirely glass vehicle with no manually driving tools such as a steering wheel or pedals, at all. You can see it in the video below (4:20 timestamp)

We’re excited to see what happens with this, but would love to hear more about the current projects that are in the pipeline.

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