Elon Musk Says Sexual Harassment Claims Against Him Are “Utterly Untrue”

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, has strongly denied claims of sexual harassment against a private jet flight attendant in 2016.

It has been reported that SpaceX paid the female flight attendance $250,000 in a severance settlement when the accusations came out. The flight attendant worked for SpaceX’s corporate jet fleet and said that Musk exposed himself to her, according to Business Insider.

Musk told his Twitter followers that the accusations made in 2016 were “utterly untrue”. Unsurprisingly, Tesla shares dropped more than 10% amid the claims which was roughly $66 billion off the market value of Tesla.

The attendant claimed the incident took place in 2016 and the settlement was agreed in 2018. Musk responded to the story saying there was “a lot more to this story”. He said:

“If I were inclined to engage in sexual harassment, this is unlikely to be the first time in my entire 30-year career that it comes to light”.

He went on to say that the claims were a “politically motivated hit piece”.

Musk took to Twitter again to tell his followers that all attacks against him should be “viewed through a political lens” and that he would keep fighting for “your right to free speech”. Although he doesn’t mention the accusations directly in this, it is pretty clear what he is referring to.

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