Elon Musk Tweets Video Of Boring Machine Crashing Through Wall

We reported yesterday on the Boring Company’s completion of its Las Vegas Convention Center tunnel loop. Today we were granted some inside footage from inside the cavern, where the giant drilling machine completed its journey, and the tunnel was finished.

From the looks of it, the camera is positioned at the top of the shaft which passengers will descend before they disembark on their Tesla-powered two minute journey. We have seen these structures in the Hawthorne, California tunnel, with lifts that can raise and lower vehicles down to the track.

The official Boring Company tweet says that the video was taken at 12:41 AM, as the nose of the drill breaks through the stone wall, destroying a motivational sign in its wake. The “you can’t stop Vegas,” sign is an obvious reference to the Coronavirus. I’m not so sure about the positioning of the sign, it seems like a bad omen to put it on the demolished end of the chamber.

A follow up tweet from the LVCVA reaffirms that the project is still on track to debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in January of 2021, where guest will be able to shorten the 15-minute walk across the convention center grounds to just a two-minute ride.

Now that excavation has wrapped up, the next step is to begin the construction of the three stations along the track, and the other detailed fittings.

One thing’s for sure, this new mode of public-transit is anything but boring.

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