Elon Musk’s Flamethrowers Sold Out Raising $10M for The Boring Company

When Elon Musk first uttered the word ‘flamethrower’ on Twitter, we didn’t believe it. I mean, c’mon? Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and countless other businesses selling flamethrowers? It had to be a joke!

Well, it wasn’t a joke. All 25,000 flamethrowers are now sold out and Elon’s tunnel digging company, The Boring Company, is now $10 million richer. Each flamethrower was sold at a price of $500, with the first quarter of stock being sold within a couple of days of the big reveal. Within the next few days and after constant updates from Elon’s Twitter, they sold out completely

If you were lucky enough to get your hands on one, have you noted down the serial number? Each one is numbered between 1 and 20,000, so send us a photo if you’re one of the lucky buyers!

This isn’t the first time The boring Company has had huge market success, either. Only weeks ago had they completely sold out of hats – 50,000 in all.

This merchandise came about after a joke revolving around Elon’s Twitter account and the film ‘Spaceballs’, with each product being a nod to the sci-fi parody.

While the flamethrower has come under a lot of criticism regarding its safety, the community has replied saying that it’s no more dangerous than a propane torch that is readily available to get rid of weeds at hardware stores.

Regardless of your view on the product, it has once again worked in Elon’s favour. We’re just waiting for the freeze gun he’s teased. Yep – a freeze gun.

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