Elon Musk’s Model 3’s Innovation Slaps Critics Right In The Face

With every vehicle unveiling, Tesla is attacked with vicious comments and dozens of harsh critics. From the vehicles’ designs to almost science fiction-like features, Tesla managed to captivate both car enthusiasts and the skeptics. However, Elon Musks seems to be winning as his innovation slaps critics right in the face.

Which Tesla’s “invention” made you raise eyebrows? The launch of Model 3 has many car enthusiasts question the touchscreen-only-accessible glovebox. Of course, the arguments from the critics emerge that every car manufacturer built a glovebox with a manual latch. But Tesla is Tesla, that is the difference.

Model 3’s involvement in an accident where the vehicle’s title and insurance papers were locked out has to lead to a new update. Contrary to critics’ expectations which will make glovebox open manually, Tesla unfurled a new feature that automatically opens the storage during a vehicle crash. Again, to the dismay of the critics.

Previous Model 3’s updates include Sentry Mode and TeslaCam. Sentry Mode’s function is to monitor the vehicle’s surroundings while TeslaCam functions like a dashcam but for electric cars on the road. These two new features require a flash drive to store the recordings.

The Model 3 refresh inaugurated the new Aero Wheels to new headlights, USB port to glovebox making it easier for customers to take advantage of the Sentry Mode and TeslaCam features which mainly built to secure the vehicle against professional car thieves. The 2021 Model 3 added extra protection for owners with Gloverbox Pin which was included in the over-the-air software update.

These significant updates are not plausible with a manual latch glovebox. Tesla is soon to set out Model 3’s FSD beta featuring Smart Summon, which is expected to receive bashing from the skeptics. But only Tesla sees what purpose it will serve for their cars.

So every time an out-of-this-world or nothing-makes-sense concept is packaged with Tesla’s vehicle, think about how Musk’s have planned — a way ahead of Tesla’s evolving innovation — and thousand miles ahead from the critics.

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