Employee Handout Reveals Model 3 VS Model S Specs

With production beginning soon, more and more information has been flowing regarding Model 3 specifics. We’ve been getting a steady stream of spy shots and videos in the past few weeks, but today we have perhaps our best look at the differences between the Model 3 and Model S.

This information was handed out to employees to use as a talking point when speaking to potential customers when discussing the differences between a Model 3 and Model S. According to a post on the Model 3 Owners Club forum, this is not information you will find on the Tesla website (at least not yet).

Some specifics mentioned by the post include a 0-60 MPH time of 5.6 seconds (previously revealed as only a “sub 6-second” time), which is just a tad slower than the Model S 85kWh. Those looking for cargo space will notice a significant hit, as the Model 3 will have 14 cubic feet while the Model S has 30 cubic feet (taking into account both front and rear cargo space).

Other differences include one digital display compared to two in the Model S, <100 configurations compared to over 1,500, a range of 215+ miles compared to 249-335 miles, paid Supercharging (unless you have a referral code), and a big fat empty space under Premium Features (not sure if that's to come or if the Model 3 just won't have anything "premium").

What’s most interesting about this handout is that it doesn’t necessarily cast the Model 3 in the most flattering light. Granted, this is simply to highlight the differences between the Model 3 and Model S for employees and was never meant to see the light of day, but if you view the two models side by side using this handout as a reference, it certainly makes the Model 3 seem less than appealing.

Hopefully, the Tesla marketing team has a more attractive way of promoting the Model 3 in the months to come!

SOURCE | Model 3 Owners Club

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