First Lamborghini Gallardo Undergoes Tesla EV Conversion

It’s not every day you hear about an electrically converted supercar, in fact, it is incredibly rare. And this Tesla powered Lamborghini Gallardo does not disappoint.

New Zealand based company, EV Classic, have taken a written-off Lamborghini Gallardo and replaced the five-litre V10 with an electric motor from a Tesla Model 3.

The owner, Ben Nolan, decided to purchase the car after it was written-off in a crash and after getting a quote of over $100,000 to repair the car he decided to look into an EV conversion. Nolan said:

“The repairers in Auckland quoted over $100,000 and I guess I already had the idea of a conversion in my head.

“It started up and the engine sounded amazing … but when I see people spending two or three hundred grand on a petrol car it annoys me – it’s a s**tload of money to spend to burn petrol.”

After exploring the option of the EV conversion, Nolan said that it would still cost a similar amount to repairing the car to its former glory, and this way, he will have the only electric Lamborghini in the world – as far as we know! Nolan explained:

“At the end of this [project] I’ll have the only electric Lambo in the world, probably the fastest Gallardo in the world, and I’ll be able to argue with EV owners about parking my big sports car in their charging stations,”

He went on to joke:

“It’s the silence of the Lambo,”

The finished conversion should weigh 100kg lighter than the stock 2007 Gallardo. It will have and increase of 10kW in power and 150Nm additional torque. Although we don’t know the 0-62mph time of this conversion, the Tesla Model S has a 0-62mph time of 2.9 seconds as it weights 500kg more, so it’s set to be pretty impressive.

Michael Kerr, co-director at EV Classic, mentioned that he knows his service is at a premium with conversions starting at $30,000 but also mentioned that the majority of customers use him for sustainability and reliability. All conversions are bespoke and are even reversible, should anyone end up changing their mind. He explained:

“People don’t feel good about the emissions, but they don’t want to get rid of their car.

“They love the shape of their classic cars, but they might not be very reliable. We’re turning them into every-day drivers.”

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