Fisker Announces Three New Models Planned for Release by 2025

Everyone’s favorite underdog, Fisker, has announced that it will release three more electric vehicles in addition to its planned 2022 Ocean SUV release. The company has yet to release their first model, but has been increasingly confident in their planned roll out.

Fisker will now be making a “super sports” car, as well as a sports crossover, and a pickup truck. If we look around the room for comparisons, we could assume their product lineup will feature competition for Tesla’s Model Y in its crossover and SUV, and perhaps the Tesla Roadster in this sports car. As for the pickup, not much is known, but that segment looms larger every day.

Earlier this month, Fisker announced a merger/ IPO through Spartan Energy Acquisition. In almost the same breath, the startup also announced that they will be partnering with VW to build their vehicles on the German company’s MEB platform.

There was some confusion surrounding the $37,000 starting price of the Ocean when the VW partnership was announced. Since then, Fisker has cleared up that the starting price models will use less proprietary technology than their more premium specs. Presumably, these new models will have the same situation.

Although the pickup truck from Fisker was disguised underneath a sheet in the teaser image, Fisker has previously “accidentally” tweeted a photo of an “Alaska” pickup designed by the company. As for the sports car, it will likely be similar to their 2017 E-motion concept.


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