Fisker Plans to Use VW MEB Platform for 2022 Ocean SUV

Earlier this week, Fisker announced it’s SPAC deal with Apollo affiliated Spartan Energy, which should raise them around $1 billion to bring their Ocean SUV to market in 2022. The deal drew comparisons to Nikola, the other high-profile vehicle startup from the past couple of months.

Fisker has now claimed that the Ocean will be based on VW’s MEB platform, the same skateboard architecture that will be seen in the groups ID.4 and upcoming Audi BEVs. The MEB could be Fisker’s saving decision, if not some crazy wild-card implementation of his long-teased solid-state batteries.

There are questions to be answered regarding how Fisker will bring a 300-mile, $30,000 (after incentives) luxury SUV to market. Especially considering the 0 – 60 mph time of under 3 seconds that keeps getting cited. Truthfully, those numbers don’t seem to add up on first glance.

How much could the MEB cost Fisker per car, that all of their additions will still only bring the price up to $30,000 after incentives? If the MEB is being used, why has Fisker been citing specs that are more impressive than other cars using the same platform? Will the Ocean turn out to be vaporware?

It seems like miscommunication. Like most car manufacturers, Fisker seems to be citing the price of the lowest spec model, but the speed figures of his highest spec model. That’s the most reasonable solution.

Alternatively, the MEB could come standard like a VW ID.4, but then after paying a large premium, Fisker could have a third-party company install a much beefier dual-motor setup. After all, the CEO has said he intends to “outsource” all of production as part of their business model.

Some may question VW’s willingness to sell Fisker so many platforms. I doubt that will be the case. Even if he were lying, it would be a silly lie. Also, VW are expanding factories and converting them to EV-production at an incredible pace. Economy of scale is their only option.

In short, this will be a good deal. The numbers don’t add up between the performance figures and the price, but that’s likely a miscommunication. I’d expect them to clear it up in the following months via some kind of pre-order page.

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