Ford Mustang Mach-e Getting Handsfree-Driving Feature

Ford seems very eager to please with their entry into the world of electrification. Their upcoming Mustang Mach-e has been hyped for quite some time, and the new features are never ending. In a recent release, the company expounded on the Mach-e’s high tech spec list, by adding “Hands Free” driving.

This feature sure sounds like low-level autonomous driving, which would compete with GM and Tesla’s lane-keeping cruise controls. Of course, Tesla leads the pack here with their “Full Self Driving” agenda, but this Ford project is nothing to shake a stick at.

Like GM’s Super Cruise, the Hands Free mode will be an Active Driver Assist feature that falls into Ford’s Pilot360 suite of products. Along with the OTA updates which Ford has said will be heavily featured with the Mach-e, this really has started to look like a game of Tesla catch up

As of now, Ford’s cars with driver assist can only pull in and out of a parking space. If, when a customer buys a Mach-e, they opt for the Ford Co-Pilot360 Active 2.0 Prep Package, that’ll be a different story. That package will come with an array of hardware, like front facing cameras. This hardware will monitor a 100,000 mile stretch of pre-mapped roads in the US and Canada, and handle lane keeping and speed.

What’s different with Ford, is that they also will have multiple cameras facing the driver, which will monitor their eye position to ensure they’re looking at the road (groan). This feature will be rolled out to supported cars in Q3 of 2021 according to Ford.



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