Ford Partners With Google To Release AR Experience Of F-150 Lightning

Ford has partnered with Google to create “F-150 Lightning: Strike Anywhere,” a 3D, augmented reality experience that may be enjoyed from anywhere using your smartphone. The 3D animations let you to explore different versions of the forthcoming electric pickup, while the AR capability allows you to put a Lightning truck in front of you so you can see it in real life.

Ford debuted the first-ever all-electric version of its best-selling truck, the F-150 Lightning in May. Since its inception, Ford has taken F-150 Lightning reservations for a $100 refundable deposit, and it announced that on the first day it surpassed 20,000 reservations. Within 48 hours, the F-150 Lightning received more than 44 000 reservations.

The F-150 Lightning‘s sales demand has been stable throughout the summer, and it now has 160,000 bookings. According to Ford’s production schedules, every F-150 Lightning is presently booked through 2023, and perhaps longer, based on how many people follow through on their reservations.

To help grow hype and educate customers about its new electric truck, Ford has introduced a 3D F-150 Lightning experience that anybody can try out for themselves. The “F-150 Lightning: Strike Anywhere” experience is now available to everyone with a smartphone and the QR code above, according to a recent news release from Ford Motor Company.

Ford is collaborating with Google to create an AR experience that it hopes will educate customers about the ins and outs of electric vehicles, regardless of whether or not they are a Lightning reservation holder.

According to Ford, a recent survey of F-150 Lightning reservation holders revealed that more than 80 percent have never owned a BEV before and over half have never owned a Ford. Suzy Deering, chief marketing officer for Ford Motor Company, explained:

There is a tremendous amount of intrigue about what electric vehicles can do. At Ford, we want to show, not just tell since we believe educating customers on the full potential and capabilities of electric vehicles helps them make the transition from traditionally powered vehicles to all-electric ones. Nearly 80% of our F-150 Lightning reservation holders have never owned an all-electric vehicle before, so we created this campaign for them to understand and feel confident in their vehicle while also be excited to join in on the electric revolution with us.

You’ll find a power button that activates the 3D F-150 Lightning when you first scan the QR code on your iOS and Android device. You may then customize the vehicle to your liking, as well as check out its exterior and interior simply scrolling and tapping from there.

The 3D model of the F-150 Lightning may be seen in your driveway (or even in your living room), and it can be viewed with the AR function. All with the help of Google. Industry director for automobile, Google, Thomais Zaremba said:

We’re proud to work with Ford to bring this innovative experience to life. Ford continues to meet customers where they are – and that’s increasingly online. This campaign brings the F-150 Lightning to life in a new way, and serves as a natural extension of our broader collaboration to help transform Ford’s business and deliver new customer experiences.

The Ford “F-150 Lightning: Strike Anywhere” 3D AR experience is now live and accessible on iOS and Android via the QR code on Ford’s website.

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