Hacker Shares Tesla’s FSD’s Cool Augmented Reality View

The Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta from Tesla appears to be getting bigger by the week. Tesla hacker-owner @greentheonly discovered in a recent series of updates what may very well be one of the coolest features advanced driver-assist suite to date: an augmented reality display. Tesla owners now could see just what their cars could see in-depth, and in real-time in AR mode.

On a Twitter thread, Green posted his verdict, where he included some of his observation from his recent analysis. FSD beta has “tons of dead code” in it as described by the hacker, including several intriguing elements such as “coast2coast” and “map selection.” Some videos showing the virtual reality vision of FSD in action were posted, demonstrating exactly how much is happening behind the scenes of the driver-assist systems of Tesla.


In October, Tesla’s FSD beta issued to a restricted number of users. There were new visualizations along with the introduction of the advanced driver-assist device that indicated what the Teslas actually ‘see in real-time. However, as shown by Green’s observations when he enabled FSD’s developer mode, these modified graphics proved to be only a fraction of what is being processed in real-time.


The configurations that were accessible from the FSD beta are comprehensive, close to the tools in Tesla’s AR view. References to characteristics that have yet to be published were included. Some are cleverly called, such as “California Stop,” “California Boost,” and, strangely enough, “Adjust Skeleton Chiropractor.” With how these features perform are yet to find out.

Elon Musk said that by the end of the year a larger release of the Full Self-Driving suite potentially will be carried out to more consumers, given that the current beta progresses smoothly.

As long as the current beta progresses smoothly, Elon Musk said that by the end of the year, a larger release of the Full Self-Driving suite is set to be available to more consumers. Musk also addressed the forthcoming arrival of Tesla’s Holiday update, which is rumoured to contain a range of interesting updates that are frequently requested, as well as future enhancements to the Autopilot and Full Self-Driving systems.

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