Has Ford Just Out-Done Tesla On In-Car Gaming With Newest Mach-E Release?

Mustang Mach-E owners may now transform their EVs into an “escape room” thanks to a spy-themed concept game developed by Ford. The interactive game works via the middle touchscreen on the Mach-E and utilizes features within the EV to assist the driver and passengers on a secret mission to transport a package.

The Mustang Mach-E has remained a popular EV worldwide following its first full year on the market. In 2021, the Mach-E helped Ford surpass General Motors in overall EV sales in the United States.

Ford wants to educate and entertain their electric vehicle drivers in new ways. One method is to utilize the escape room idea in its Mach-E to offer a unique interactive adventure.

The game was created by Ford of Europe in collaboration with the Software Enablement and Research team in Ford’s Emerging Technology & Innovation department as well as the IOT group in Palo Alto, California.

The “escape room” style was created for the Mach-E to demonstrate how gaming may genuinely assist drivers in becoming familiar with their vehicles’ functions, according to Ford. When a players’ iOS device is linked via Apple Carplay or the Mach-E display, they are given activities suggested through the vehicle’s speaker system when the game is activated.

Furthermore, Mach-E has the ability to communicate with its passengers and vice versa. The electric seats, hands-free tailgate, air conditioning system, and headlamps are a few of the Mach-E functions that operate during the escape room game.

Ford is using this kind of game to educate young drivers or cure abominable driving behaviors, as demonstrated by Carsten Starke, technical expert interior materials and customer experience at Ford of Europe.

This is a bit of fun that has a serious side, as it shows just what could be possible with the technology we have in cars today. Having the ability to create interaction between vehicle and driver could open up new ways to explore other possibilities in the future, like an interactive owner’s manual or even driver coaching.

Ford sees the gaming concept as a glimpse into the future of many applications that can either entertain or educate drivers and passengers when the vehicle isn’t in motion, such as at charging stations.

Ford also suggested that it might be fun for passengers while autonomous electric vehicles drive themselves in the future.

With Tesla creating controversy over their in-car gaming, Ford may have just outdone them. What do you think?

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