Honda Civic Type R Creeping Towards Electric Power

Now that Honda seems to have a sold stake in battery acquisition through China’s CATL, it seems like they will start putting their money where their mouth is. Soon they might be producing an electric version of the legendary Civic Type R.

To expand upon this, lets look at rumors coming out of Japan about the 2022 Type R. For starters, the 2021 model will use the current turbocharged 2.0L which gets 306 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. However, is seems like Honda have been developing an electric system for the back wheels.

With the engine running the front two wheels, a pair of electric motors will drive the rear. Combined, this power-focused hybrid setup will get 395 horsepower. It will also use torque-vectoring to make this AWD system handle at a whole new level.

While there is a great deal of competition from Hyundai and Toyota in the gas-powered and hybrid hatchback and sedan market, I would bet that this approach from Honda will lead them in the direction of full electrification.

Honda have kept their cards close to the chest with EVs. They’ve seemed to only want to dabble in the technology, but then also have released one of the coolest EVs, the Honda E. At the same time as showing the concept version of that car, they also showed off a more traditional E sports car.

While it’s not confirmed, I would bet good money that within the next couple of years Honda announces the fully-electric Type R. It seems to be what everyone is doing nowadays, step-stoning from hybrid to electric.

On the bright side, if it were electric, maybe Honda designers would stop kidding us with all the vents and cutouts.


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