Honda Secures Battery Partnership with CATL

Even though Honda has been lagging a little behind the pack in terms of electrification of their cars, that’s hopefully not for much longer. The Company announced today that it has struck a significant deal with China’s CATL battery supplier.

CATL currently supplies Tesla with batteries for its Chinese cars, and has been a huge player in the future of lithium-ion supply for companies looking to get serious about EV production. We’ve written about them in the past, in regards to their new million-mile cell breakthrough.

Honda, who currently makes the absolutely awesome Honda E, have been slow to role out more electric cars. Their Honda Civic, for instance, could make a killer EV sedan, but hasn’t yet.

Now, with a 1% share of CATL, they will be ready to start making way more electric cars in China. The issuance of shares was non-public, but will cement their ongoing partnership into developing NEV batteries.

Their press-release also stressed the importance of recycling their batteries, and how CATL will work with them to find more advancements in recycling. With a million-mile battery chemistry, recycling would be a long way down the road, but maybe Honda could put those reused batteries into home applications.

Who doesn’t want to see Honda succeed? Probably nobody, because they’re one of the coolest motor companies.


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