Hyperloop Reveals 11 Potential US Routes

With Hyperloop One becoming closer and closer to a reality, Tesla has revealed eleven routes across the United States that hold the most potential. Deployment of Hyperloop system has gained a lot of traction overseas in markets like Dubai, so it’s nice to some news on the domestic side of the Hyperloop implementation.

These eleven potential routes have been designed by independent teams that took part in the Hyperloop One Global Challenge last year. The challenge invites teams from anywhere in the world to offer up their cities as potential Hyperloop spots; candidates are expected to deliver a comprehensive package outlining commercial, transport, economic, and policy cases for their regions, which could include either cities or countries.

The executive chairman of Hyperloop One, Shervin Pishevar, says:

“The U.S. has always been a global innovation vanguard – driving advancements in computing, communication, and media to rail, automobiles and aeronautics. Now, with Hyperloop One, we are on the brink of the first great breakthrough in transportation technology of the 21st century, eliminating the barriers of time and distance and unlocking vast economic opportunities.”

A full-scale Hyperloop test track is currently under construction in North Las Vegas where tests can be performed with full-scale pods and actual people:

The eleven US finalists along with team names and route length are as follows:

  • Boston-Somerset-Providence – Hyperloop Massachusetts – 64 mi
  • Cheyenne-Houston – Rocky Mountain Hyperloop Consortium – 1152 mi
  • Chicago-Columbus-Pittsburgh – Hyperloop Midwest – 488 mi
  • Colorado Front Range/ Mtn. Network – Rocky Mountain Hyperloop – 360 mi
  • Colorado Front Range – Colorado Hyperloop – 242 mi
  • Kansas City-St. Louis – Hyperloop Missouri – 240 mi
  • Los Angeles-San Diego – Hyperloop West – 121 mi
  • Miami-Orlando – Hyperloop Florida – 257 mi
  • Reno-Las Vegas – Hyperloop Nevada – 454 mi
  • Seattle-Portland – PNW Hyperloop – 173 mi
  • Texas Triangle – Hyperloop Texas – 640 mi
  • These eleven teams will join another twenty-four from around the world where three will be chosen to work directly with Hyperloop One engineering and business development teams to further the project. As of now, it seems that Dubai is the most likely location to get a full Hyperloop system.

    SOURCE | Electrek

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