Is This BMW iX3 A Tesla Model Y Competitor


Could BMW’s electric adaptation of the X3 compete with Tesla’s newly released Model Y crossover? With a 275-mile (440 km) range coming from a 74 kWh battery, and 282 hp single-motor RWD configuration, the specs seem competitive. Let’s take a closer look at what we know so far.

Earlier today, a somewhat suspicious Instagram account gave us a first look at the upcoming small-SUV. You can tell that it is the leaked EV version, and not the ICE X3 G08, thanks to the blue accent lines all over the body. If you look closely at the typical BMW “grill,” you can see that it lacks actual air perforations as well.

From the back, the difference between the ICE version grows, with a lack of exhaust (obviously) and more i branding. The model also gets a unique set of aero wheels, which distinguish it from the other X3 models. However, that seems to be where the EV changes end. The charging port even sits where a gas flap would normally go. Naturally, BMW has been some of the most conservative when it comes to switching to EV, and these kinds of “bridge” designs are made to not look particularly different in the first place.

Regardless of its tame appearance, the iX3 will be an interesting log into the crossover EV market. With it being manufactured in China, shipping around the world, this will be more similar to the Model Y and Hyundai Kona than most other vehicles when it comes to range, power, and price.  As performance numbers and pricing information become available, we will keep you posted on the details.

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