Jaguar Trademarks ‘EV-Type’ Hinting at Retro Electric Sports Car

Cross your fingers, everybody. Jaguar just applied for the trademark “EV-Type,” for a prospective model. This could be a new sporty replacement for the F-Type, or even a reborn version of their iconic E-Type.

Little is known, but the company has been pretty invested in both electrification and their legacy sports cars. Not only does Jaguar sell the I-Pace, but they also have a superb option to bring in an old E-Type and have it seamlessly converted to electric.

Their conversion process for the E-Type is one of the most exciting conversion around, since it is both fully endorsed by the company behind the original car, but also reversible.

They literally do no damage, and make sure that it can be returned to its original combustion engine, and maintain show-stopping condition.

Anyway, you could see how the stars align with Jaguar’s recent application for the EV-Type name. Sure, it could just be some new electric F-Type, which would still be a welcomed addition.

On the other hand, if it’s a new-from-factory E-Type, built with updated features and an electric powertrain, wow will we be excited.

The trademark hasn’t been approved yet, not that there is any reason to believe it won’t be. Maybe by the time the Geneva Motor Show gets going again in 2022, we will have the most beautiful EV the world has ever seen bestowed upon us.

Seriously folks, fingers crossed.

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