Karma to Start Selling its Revero in Europe

It’s always nice to see Karma heading in a good direction. Since the demise of the Fisker Karma, and the acquisition of the Karma brand by Chinese investors, they have been somewhat… turbulent.

Anyway, now they are announcing that they will be taking their Revero to retail partners in Europe later this year. The car, which is the current iteration of the Fisker Karma, has dual electric motors and a 2.0L four-cylinder turbo engine. It makes 403 horsepower and has 50 miles of electric range due to its battery.

Karma have been showing off their EV powertrain technology over the last year, trying to attract commercial partners who will use their solution over building their own. At the same time, their Revero has been getting a GT refresh.

Last week, Karma had to correct what it called misinformation, which claimed they were considering filing for bankruptcy. At the same time, their SC2 Concept was getting critical attention for its very sleek and elegant design.

The 2020 Karma Revero GT gets updated looks, as well as a substantial specs increase both 528 horsepower and 80 miles of electric range.

The upcoming model will not be the first one to reach Europe, instead Karma will be selling the current model until their supply catches up.

Germany, Austria, and Switzerland will be the first countries to see Reveros on their streets.

It also seems likely that Karma’s EV solutions will make sense in that market, perhaps in partnership with smaller local companies.


In the meantime, Fisker has been continuing to work on their electric Ocean SUV, which will hopefully be coming out in 2021.

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