Kia’s CV Electric Car Rumored To Have 0-60 Of Under 3 Seconds And 800V Charging

At the Geneva Auto Show back in 2019, Kia showed off their Imagine Concept, which rumor has it  moved closer to an actual production model. Furthermore, the realisation of this future EV crossover, will apparently see it having very impressive specs. How does a 0-60 of under 3 seconds, with a 300-mile range, and under 20 minute charge time sound?

To me, this sounds almost too good to be true, especially from Kia. Even though some car manufacturers can claim specs near these, Kia isn’t know for their supercar destroying/ cutting-edge technology.

Through a partnership with Rimac, Kia intends to release what would be their most ambitious car to date. If the 800-volt charging system, like the one Porsche use in the Taycan, and the E-GMP platform developed with Rimac are actually this good, it will mean a whole new era for Kia.

The concept, which this car will be based off of, has a very futuristic and luxurious design. The exterior was sleek and befitting of a performance EV, but the interior was genuinely something special.


It has crazy suicide doors, which open to a large spacious cabin with space-craft type seats. The front had a wild array of little screens, which formed an interesting frayed-feather-like information panel.

Of course, who knows how much of this will pan out for the commercially available model. Ideally, more than less.

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