Lamborghini Blocks German EV Charger, Justice Served

Am I the only person who would get a Lamborghini in black paint? Perhaps. That’s not here nor there, because today we are talking about a green Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Evo. It’s a car that costs over a quarter million dollars, and can only come in obnoxious colors.

The Lambo in question mistook its green color for eco-friendliness, and blocked an EV charging spot in Frankfurt, Germany.

Of course, that’s not a good look, but other than the color… it’s also a violation of the city’s parking ordinance.


Thankfully, a police officer on an electric bicycle came whizzing up, and decided to bring down the hammer. He called a tow-truck on the Lambo, and had it hoisted away.

One thing that strikes me about this situation, is the insane appearance of a supercar several feet off of the road, suspended by a crane.

No doubt, that if the owner came out to see his car suspended from straps, they would have a little panic attack.

The image was shared to the Frankfurt Police Department’s Twitter page, where of course the community had its fun making light of the situation.

As Germany becomes more saturated with electric vehicles, it’s high time that ICEing starts getting seriously punished.


Here in the states, this is the sort of thing I’d actually like to see police doing. Of course, the difference would be that in the US, there would be mostly pickups with vinyl lettering on the side, and a bunch of ladders in the back.

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