Lordstown Endurance Electric Pickup Prototype Shown Working in New Video

The electric pickup segment is about to pop off into a real battle royale between both big and small companies alike. With a couple of key startups looking to carve out their own niche, Lordstown Motors has an eye on the real “working man.”

They unveiled their Endurance truck, in front of a giant American flag, at an unveiling event which featured a campaign speech from vice-president Pence. Many people were understandably anxious at the lack of working prototype footage.

Now, Lordstown have somewhat rectified that problem, by releasing a moody trailer for their upcoming vehicle. In the video, “The All-Electric Endurance, by Lordstown Motors,” we can see the Endurance slinging some mud, and wrangling some cows.

The target demographic of this truck seems to be factory workers and farmers. In comparison, Rivian seems to be targeting well-to-do hikers and camping upper-middle class dads with their R1 pickup.

The viability of that marketing campaign will be interesting to observe. The starting cost of the Endurance is $52,000, which isn’t too far from the average cost of other pickup trucks.

Tesla is going for a similar price point, at least with their middle spec Cybertruck. Rivian has been a little mysterious with their pricing, with hints at a price drop to be more competitive with the other electrucks.

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