Manhart As Painted A Grille Onto A Tesla Model 3 And It Looks Mega

Manhart is a German tuner known for tuning high performance, usually German, ICE cars. But it’s just added another car to its portfolio in the shape of a Tesla Model 3. And while they’ve added a host of performance enhancements, the most obvious addition is a grille. But this grille is painted on. Yep.

Well, it’s either painted on or a decal, which would be more likely.

Obviously, all-electric cars don’t need large grilles like ICE cars do, but the addition of this idea actually looks great. On top of this, Manhart has claimed to increase the power from 513hp to 550, and the torque from 660Nm to 720Nm. That’s quite the increase, and something other tuners haven’t wanted to touch so far.

So, fancy a fast Model 3 with a pretend grille?

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