Modified Tesla Model Y Takes On Chinese Sand Dunes

Youtube channel, Bitauto Garage, have recently shown off their Tesla Model Y which they have modified to use off-road. They show the Model Y going out in the desert, and it looks pretty impressive.

With desert over landing and off-roading in mind, the China-based team were quite specific with their modifications. They had a completely new suspension system designed for it with upper and lower control arms that they had created themselves. The front and rear traction motors were also lowered.

An obvious modification needed for off-roading is the wheels and tyres. The Model Y has been decked out with 32-inch General MT5 tyres with custom fender flares which, along with the newly upgraded suspension, really make the wheels stand out.

It’s pretty clear from looking at the car that it has been modified for off-road tracks, but to take it one step further, the team decided to put an exterior cage on to protect the car from possible rollover or rock damage.

All modified vehicles come with a few hiccups, and even though when they took the car out for the test run it was completely able to take on the new terrain, there were a few issues that were highlighted.. mainly when they tried to jump the car.



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