New Tesla Cybertruck Footage Teased On Jay Leno’s Garage


A few months after its initial debut, the Cybertruck and Elon Musk were both spotted hitting the streets of LA with Jay Leno. Of course, they were filming for his CNBC show, Jay Leno’s Garage, which Musk has taken Tesla vehicles on before. In a new trailer for the show’s fifth season, we can spot a couple of new angles on the much anticipated truck.

A couple of seconds into the trailer, Elon makes an appearance to “cue music,” before the Cybertruck is shown flying down the road. Then about 24 seconds in, we see the Cyberquad, the mysterious new ATV, made to compliment the Cybertruck. It is shown from a couple of angles, once from below and in front, then again from behind as it lowers down the Cybertruck’s adjustable tailgate. Eagle-eyed viewers will be able to spot Musk standing in the background of this shot, no doubt listening to the music he just queued as the Cybertruck does it’s dance with the ATV.

Most interestingly, however, is the shot at 46 seconds into the trailer. At first glance, Jay Leno seems to be sitting in the driver’s seat of the Cybertruck, which has the middle seat in the upright position. Jay says “hilarious,” which must be referring to how the truck is rising upward, getting taller in relation to its surroundings. This could be the variable ride-height, as the suspension can raise for certain driving conditions (or to toggle unload mode), but the alternative is perhaps more interesting.

It occured to several viewers, myself included, that this may tease the Cybertruck coming out of Musk’s Boring Company tunnel. The experimental tunnel was shown last year working with a modified Model X, in a trippy demonstration that caught a lot of flack for its many compromises, chief among them the bumpy ride. However, since then the ride has been showed smoother, and the side-skates which were needed for the Model X may not be necessary for the Cybertruck’s beefy tires.


This could not be the case, but it does bring to attention the lack of information on compatibility between the Cybertruck and Boring tunnels. We’ve got our tin-foil hats on, and may just have to wait for the new season of Jay Leno’s Garage for our answer. That is, unless Musk replies to my tweet before Tesla’s earnings call tonight!

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