Nissan’s E-4orce Powertrain Will Drive Their EVs To The Next Level

Some technologies can get a little carried away with buzzwords. Nissan has not avoided that pitfall with their upcoming E-4orce electric powertrain.

Shown off for the first time at the last Consumer Electronics Show, inside of a Nissan Leaf e+, the new method of propelling their EVs increase all kinds of handling metrics. The system utilizes dual motors, one in the front and another in the rear.

Of course, this provides all-wheel drive, but also allows the instant torque from the electric motors to be delivered to whichever wheel needs it most. The sample rate which determines this torque delivery acts three times faster than the blink of an eye.

Nissan’s e-4ORCE is a new high-power, twin-motor all-wheel control system that delivers a smooth, balanced ride under a variety of situations. This innovative technology provides superior handling and cornering for a more enjoyable and satisfying drive.

While the handling benefits of AWD are obvious, most people wouldn’t think the priority with Nissan Leafs is performance. That’s a fair point, and I would agree that’s the wrong thing to lead with. Mostly, this will improve the safety of driving their vehicles.

The company has also fitted a new rear-suspension and chassis control. This will help with people who drive in mixed conditions, or winding roads with rough weather.

Say it’s raining, in the past, you may be worried about half your wheels hydroplaning. Now, the E-4orce would notice some wheels weren’t getting traction, and would respond accordingly to keep the vehicle moving in a straight line.

While this doesn’t seem groundbreaking, it represents a leap forward for Nissan, who has otherwise been trailing behind other EV companies like Tesla. Adding dual motors to the leaf, as well as these torque-vectoring methods and a generally improved powertrain will see Nissan become much more competitive.

That’s important for a company which has been looking to move away from “budget” cars and towards more luxury offerings.

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