Nissan’s Plan For The Future Has A Leaf-Sized Hole

This week, Nissan launched a teaser video intended to show it’s 12 new models they will be releasing in the coming three years. Of those models, we saw a cool new 400Z sports-coupe, and the exciting new electric-crossover, dubbed the Ariya.

However, one of the most beloved Nissan vehicles wasn’t shown on the video, the Leaf.

After a few years of poor performance, Nissan is a company looking to correct their course. In doing that, they want to target their home region, Asia, with a focus on China.

On the other hand, they’re looking to increase electrification in the long run, by slowly transitioning to mostly hybrids, and then eventually EVs. So why no Leaf?

Well, Nissan have made it clear they are looking to make more premium vehicles. With that state of mind, they could be phasing out the Leaf, which is somewhat affordable, with the Ariya, said to start at around $40,000.

Another theory, is that the rumored follow-up to the 3.0 version of the Leaf will come just far enough in the future that it didn’t make the cut of Nissan’s future vehicles montage. The video was supposedly meant to showcase the vehicles Nissan is releasing in the next year, but the new Leaf would be around three years away.

That seems confusing, and nitpicky, but if the 12 models shown in the alphabet video didn’t have an L… it surely needs some explaining. Either way, all good things come to an end, and we all knew the Leaf would be axed some day.

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