Reddit Users Give Us Our Best Look At the Model 3

Model 3 fever is getting hotter and hotter as we inch closer to Tesla’s projected start date in July. Barring any additional setbacks (like workers strikes), production should commence without an issue. In the meantime, testing units have been spotted by fans, and we’ve been getting some pretty decent looks at what the final Model 3 design will be.

The latest photos come from the wonderful world of Reddit, where two users snapped some pics of a white Model 3 around town. On Sunday, u/sodiepopsboyyyyyyyy spotted the car in Palo Alto, just a few minutes away from Tesla’s headquarters:

This particular car is the first instance that we’ve seen of a white Model 3, which shows off details much better than the darker ones we have been in the past. Lines are clearer, and details like the lip running across the doors are much easier to spot.

In addition to the above photo, u/Riguar also submitted a couple of pictures of the white Model 3:

The pictures directly above give us our clearest look yet at the Model 3, and I have to say that it’s looking fantastic. I could do without the weird looking non-grille, but this final design makes the car look significantly more aerodynamic, which is a good sign considering Tesla has stated they were aiming for a drag coefficient of 0.21.

The final design looks much less like a hatchback (which I honestly didn’t mind) and more like a small Model S, a design choice which should please many future Model 3 owners.

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