Rivian Fans React To Drastic Price Hike Announcement

As we reported, Rivian announced earlier this week significant  price increases of 17-20%, even for those who have already put a pre-order in. Well, to say this hasn’t gone down well with fans and customers is an understatement to say the least.

Many customers took to Twitter to express their views on the companies move.

One user, Greg, posted:

I was rooting for you guys and deposit for 12 months but $24k price increase to $96k, zero visibility into delivery date and lots of other EV options, I’ll have to get my deposit back and get a Tesla or Ford. Bad business to screw early adopters.”

Ivan Rivera Tweeted:

“What is wrong with your company? Absolutely no communication on most topics and now you drop a price increase like this has must have been in the works for months? Seriously…”

‘Dawg Markets’ kept their Tweet short and sweet with:

”Rivian dropped the ball hugely on this one”

Quinn Nelson decided to chime in with his experience as well as he was taking the brunt of the price increase as well:

YIKES!!! Rivian with another swing and a miss. They now want over $100,000 for the truck I reserved at $85,000 a few months ago (and not honoring locked-in prices as Tesla does). Honestly, this is cancellation worthy. An extra $15K is INSANE.”

Another user, Mike Donnelly, responded to Nelson:

Not having a great experience here, either. It’s been tough seeing Rivian employees out there having fun with their vehicles, while we just wait, wait, wait…”

Another responded to Nelson:

“Lots of pissed off pre-order holders, including me. Pre-ordered 3 years ago and evangelized for the company and product, but now done with Rivian for good.”

It is clear to see the same feelings are being felt across the board. Another observer tweeted:

‘RJ Scaringe. Gotta be a brutal day for you. Stock (you your net worth) tumbling. Thousands of cancellations. Not too late to do the right thing.”

Beau Cameron said:

“I vote we change the term “Pre-order” to “interest free loan” when talking about Rivian‘s current fiasco.”

Arun Kuruvila expressed his frustrations and threatened to cancel his order, like many have done:

‘Rivian, was this a clickbait? preorder price just went up by $12,000, that too with production delays! if you do not respect the preorder prices, my order will be cancelled!”

Matt Thomson remarked:

Wow, Rivian. I get inflation and things like that, but a $12,000 price hike month before delivery? After 37 months on your pre-order list, that hurts.”




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