Rivian Hires Ex-Tesla Charging Infrastructure Experts To Deploy Their Own Network

Tesla took an early strategy of expanding on their Supercharger network, which payed off in a massive way. What they didn’t expect, was someone coming along with something much better than a “Supercharger Network,” an “Adventure Network.”

That’s what Rivian thinks at least. With the upcoming release of their R1T and R1S truck and SUV, they want to see the great outdoors full of exploring electric-vehicle owners. Although the trucks will come with 400 miles of range, plenty for the average excursion, they don’t want any anxiety around planning a journey into the wilderness.

The company has hired a few ex-Tesla charging infrastructure gurus, with the intention of expanding their Rivian Adventure Network to more remote outdoor destinations. With a focus on places like national parks, nature refuges, and campgrounds, these won’t necessarily overlap with Tesla’s chargers.

The new talent that Rivian scooped up includes Carrington Bradley, Tesla’s former senior manager of charger deployment, as well as Kit Ahuja, who was a manager at Tesla. During the period that these two worked at Tesla, there was a three-times increase in Supercharger installations.

Where Rivian surely doesn’t have the sprawling intentions of tens-of-thousands of chargers spanning the globe, their intentions are nobel. For many EV owners, the places most out of reach will be what now Rivian intends to cover.

Also, it would be silly not to mention that Rivians can charge at CCS charging ports for most EVs. They aren’t limited to only the Adventure Network.

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