Rivian Takes Their R1T Off-Roading in Exciting New Video

Rivian has been at it again, releasing a video of the company’s engineers taking their upcoming R1T electric pickup into the desert for some dirty fun. The shoot showcases the impressive off-road capabilities of the R1T.

The truck will be able to flex it’s chops, once it get’s to the outdoorsy destinations unlocked by its 400-mile range. In addition to having large batteries and capable motors, Rivian have hooked up with some ex-Tesla talent to deploy their own “Adventure Network” of destination chargers.

Each of the four motors can have up to 147 kW of power, or 197 horsepower and provide impressive torque vectoring. Rivian is also doing input to gearbox adjustments to the motor’s power, which will allow for between 300 kw and 562 kW of power.

The tiered battery packs available are 105 kWh, 135 kWh, and 180 kWh. Rivian has said they’ll be able to fast-charge at a rate of 160 kW, and that the larger battery models will ship first.

In case you were wondering if the R1 had any other hidden tricks, they can tow 11,000 lbs, turn like a tank because of their differential-less design, and they have powerful 110 volt outlets in the bed. No word yet on the sweet decals that the R1T sports in the “To the Max” video.

We had been told the trucks would cost around $69,000, but Rivian have changed their tune after the Cybertruck gained so much attention. Now we could expect them to start a little bit lower, but the exact price eludes us.

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